JetYourSkin™ Hair Care

Healthy, shiny hair starts on the scalp. The JetPeel ™ transdermal delivery system allows treatment to be maintained and repaired at the source in the layers of the scalp.

When standard hair and scalp treatments don’t produce the results you want, restore your crown of glory with the painless, relaxing treatment of Jetstream Hydroporation, which is gentle and powerful for treating the delicate skin of the scalp.

This is the immediate path to living, manageable hair.

Healthy, beautiful hair growth is stimulated and the deeply cleansing, nourishing formulas work actively against hair loss. The JetPeel ™ Hair Care treatment is rich in antioxidants,

biomimetic peptides and herbal extracts, the effect of which stimulates the fibroblasts and ensures denser growth and healthy, shiny hair.

We only use original JetPeel™ active serums for your JetYourSkin™ treatment