JetYourSkin™ Special

Do you have very special, long-lasting or uncontrolled skin situations that you cannot handle yourself?


These include hyperpigmentation as a result of UV rays and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (permanent spots due to previous inflammation), hyperhidrosis (uncontrolled sweating in various strengths from mild to very severe discomfort), impurities and inflammations that have been painful for weeks, as well Damage (acquired or genetic) to the vascular walls – couperose and the more advanced, inflammatory form – rosacea.


Several situations can occur in one complexion at the same time, the whole thing even in connection with dryness or expression lines.

This treatment can be specifically tailored to:

  • JetYourSkin ™ – Sweatless
  • JetYourSkin ™ – skin redness
  • JetYourSkin ™ – Pimples & Youth Skin Problems
  • JetYourSkin ™ – Whitening
  • JetYourSkin ™ – Hair Care