JetYourSkin™ Lipvolume

Would you like a smooth lip area and more voluminous lips, but without wanting to undergo an operation? Jet your skin Lips is completely contact-free and painless and achieves long-lasting effects after several treatments.

This JetPeel ™ treatment not only tightens your lips in the red, but also significantly strengthens and tightens the entire lip area.

In this way, expression lines and so-called smoker’s wrinkles are smoothed and, with repeated treatment, a volume build-up with a depot effect is achieved.

Before and after documentation

Treatment setup:

10 course JetPeel ™ treatment every 3 weeks

+ 3x JetPeel ™ JetYourSkin ™ Lipvolume

We only use original JetPeel™ active serums for your JetYourSkin™ treatment