JetYourSkin™ Cannabis Spezial

The JetYourSkin ™ special cannabis treatment offers all-round antioxidant protection and is perfect for dry and tired skin. With the extra vitamin C, your skin gets a kick of freshness.


This treatment is based, among other things, on CBD. CBD is the extract of the cannabis sativa plant and has powerful antioxidant effects that help the body maintain cell regeneration and reduce the signs of early cell oxidation from free radicals.


CBD has been shown to increase collagen production. As a powerful antioxidant, CBD helps the cell to regenerate.

Moisturizing skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis benefit from the relaxation process and react positively in the regeneration of the epidermal layers of the skin. CBD reduces sebum, which is very desirable for acne-prone skin care products.



Your skin looks much more relaxed, healthier and vital.

We only use original JetPeel™ active serums for your JetYourSkin™ treatment