All “Landsberg Concept-Stores™” are mandatory equipped with



VISIA Deluxe – the world market leading award winning skin analysis from Canfield USA

Every skin has its own needs, a different stress factor, different habits and wishes for an individual treatment for its future.


That is why your visit to our JetYourSkin ™ Landsberg concept stores always begins with a professional skin analysis from Canfield USA, the world’s leading manufacturer of 2D and 3D images. With the VISIA Deluxe, our certified practitioners see skin damage that you have acquired since childhood.


We simulate the resulting effects on skin aging over the next few years and can tell you exactly what support your skin needs at any time of the year.

DermWave™ in combination with the JetPeel™ differentiates between elasticity and personal skin.

DermWave™ was developed and constructed to increase the permeability of the skin barrier. Active ingredients, creams and serums penetrate better into the skin as if by magic.