Scientifically well-founded effect -

Whether it is about the proven effect of the various JetPeel ™ treatments with the original active ingredients or the scientifically based results from the use of skinbetter science® products: We can prove it!

Complex and lengthy scientific and clinical studies by independent universities and research institutions confirm the effectiveness of all products offered by the Landsberg Concept Stores.

This evidence is supported by our own documentation in the form of before-and-after images from Canfield’s VISIA® skin analysis.

The JetPeel™ Studies

The patented JetPeel ™ system has been tested in numerous different scientific studies and its effectiveness has been confirmed. It is important that all studies on this are based exclusively on the original JetPeel ™ technology in combination with the patented JetPeel ™ handpieces, the original accessories and the active sera from JetSolutions specially developed for the JetPeel ™. The study-based effectiveness can only be guaranteed in the original combination of all individual JetPeel ™ technologies.


You will also receive additional security if the institutes, practices and cosmetic studios have received training in the MedWiss Academy certified by Landsberg First Class Aesthetic.


According to biophysical criteria at the Turbo and Jet Engine Laboratory, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa by Dr. Vitaly Ovcharenko and Prof. Yeshayahou Levy examined.

With a special measuring device – a Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer / Laser Doppler Velocimeter (TSI PDPA / LDV), droplet size and speed were measured depending on the exit distance.


The Israeli institute has a wide range of research: nozzles of jet planes, rockets and engines are checked as well as ink-jet printers and asthma sprays. The researchers found that JetPeel ™ accelerates a tight parallel bundling (collimated) of very small liquid droplets (mean size 17.03 μm) at a speed of> 202.2 m / sec at a distance of 20 mm from the outlet nozzle.

These measurement data are comparable to a miniature high-pressure nozzle of an airplane engine. Despite these enormous performance data, the treatment with the JetPeel ™ micro nozzles is completely painless and also pleasantly cools the skin surface. Due to the speed of the air / liquid jet of over 200 m / s, the skin barrier is not damaged, but only stretched.

Read here the studies about the JetPeel™ technology, as well as the JetPeel™ active serums (please click on the respective text):

The skinbetter science® Studies

Science is at the core of everything we do.

Each formula is designed with innovative technology and high-performance ingredients in the optimal concentration for effectiveness.

Clinical studies support our claims. Real, serious before and after photos prove the visible difference that our products make.

The FeatherTouch Studies

I’m surprised! You can actually see how localized the stratum corneum was perforated and that the dye is increasingly stored in this area.”

Prof. Dr. Uwe Paasch University Dermatology Clinic Leipzig fluorescence nanoscopy

A novel methodical approach to quality assurance and security – A novel methodical approach to quality assurance and security

Bacterial cellulose (BC) has become of great interest as a delivery system in recent years in various fields of application, including food, medicines and cosmetics, thanks to its exclusive advantages such as high biocompatibility, water holding capacity and good gas permeability.

Read the technical article about biocellulose masks as delivery systems here (please click on the respective text):