LANDSBERG Parfum No1 & No2
Androgynous, unisex fragrances in a class of their own

LANDSBERG Parfum – No 1


An androgynous unisex fragrance in a class of its own, which arouses positive emotions in both the male and female limbic systems in fractions of a second. You will never forget this scent.


In the top note, aromatic herbs, bergamot and lavender merge into the spicy, floral note
from Cardamom and Tonka. The base is made of cedar wood, vetyver, patchouly, amber and musk.


What do the LANDSBERG fragrances do?


There is a persuasive power of LANDSBERG fragrances that is stronger than all the words of appearance, feeling and will. It completely fills us, there is no cure for it. The LANDSBERG fragrances, whether subliminal or recognizable, do not act on people under control of reason. The cerebrum does not monitor them, but forwards them directly to the limbic system, which is responsible for our emotions and feelings of happiness.


The LANDSBERG fragrances were specifically tailored and developed to positively influence the limbic system.
If one is not aware of the influence, one cannot withdraw from it.
Anyone wearing LANDSBERG fragrances generates non-verbal positive emotions from the first second. Ideal for all encounters in human interaction.

“The sense of smell is the sense of memory and desire”
Jacques Rousseau


The Limbic System


One of the information paths in the human brain leads through the nose directly to the seat of the emotions, the limbic system. This immediately creates a feeling via the incoming fragrance information. Depending on the smell, it can create joy, fear, disgust or well-being. This happens in an uncontrolled manner. We cannot influence it, because if we can smell the scent, it has already reached our brain. Or rather the scent has made a difference. He may have reminded us of something, triggered joy or fear. We can’t control scents. You can keep your eyes and ears closed for a long time, but not your nose. In parallel to this subconscious processing of information, the scents also penetrate our consciousness.