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Despite the rapidly advancing industrial digitization and flexibility, people will remain an essential part of tomorrow’s professional work life. Caring, competent aesthetic treatments cannot be done by machines only. However, the world of work is changing. These days, work is more networked, more creative, more digital and more complex. Topics like digital transformation, work-life balance and work 4.0 are omnipresent. But what does the workplace of the future look like? What are the requirements of tomorrow’s world of work? Lone fighters will have it more and more difficult in the future.


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JETPEEL™ JetYourSkin – Concept Store
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What use is the best idea if the implementation is wrong?
What use is the best implementation if there is a lack of awareness?
What use is the best perception when there is no customer interest?
What use is the greatest customer interest if it generates disinterest?

Many good ideas often fail because of the dos and don’ts.
Landsberg puts your company on the road to success!

Every year the cosmetics industry posts growing profits. By 2024, annual sales worldwide will be 180 billion US dollars. In Germany alone, the market volume is already over 13 billion euros. Germans spend an impressive 236 million euros annually on personal hygiene. A German spends 50 euros per person and per month on improving the complexion using high-tech. Source reference:


To 83 million inhabitants in Germany
To 9 million inhabitants in Austria
To 8.5 million inhabitants in Switzerland
To 39,000 residents in Liechtenstein

come e.g. a total of approx. 80,000 beautician


1% achieve sales >€ 200,000 per year
> 60% achieve sales <€ 30,000 per year (!)


JETPEEL™ is searched 8-12,000 times a day in Google as a keyword.
JETPEEL™ has received multiple awards and has been university-proven.
JETPEEL™ is an extremely strong sales guarantee with significant profit opportunities.

Landsberg has > 1500 JETPEEL™ customers and knows all organs, means and ways to success.


We may introduce:

JetPeel™ – “Jet your skin” is not a trend. JetPeel™ – “Jet your skin” is an industry. Surveys show: over 72% of people care for their skin and want to be more beautiful. The increasing uncertainty of what is really working is countered by JetPeel™ – “Jet your skin” with already millions of satisfied, broad-chested customers.

JetPeel™ – “Jet your skin” is a safe and long-term alternative to other beautification methods. The increasing awareness and size of the JetPeel ™ brand result in consistently growing market potential for our company.

JetPeel™ is not subject to any weather conditions such as solar radiation is concerned whereas various other forms of treatment, e.g. solar irradiated, tanned skin are contraindicated.
JetPeel™ can be offered all year round.

JetPeel™ is safe!

In the long history of Landsberg First Class Aesthetic, not every plan has worked. In the first few years there were setbacks, disappointments and failures. We have also paid the hardship. True to the motto “You drop on your knees, but never on your back”, we got up again and again and learned the art of success over the long term.

Today Landsberg First Class Aesthetic is stable in every respect and has a rich treasure trove of aesthetic business experience, knows all the dos and don’ts and knows how predictable success works.
Landsberg First Class Aesthetic is intelligent enough to know that you can never rest on your laurels and always have to be hungry for innovative ideas and implementations.

Landsberg First Class Aesthetic has the key to success for you.

In the service sector, JetPeel ™ – “Jet your skin” is an insider tip in the franchise economy, because the market potential of visible skin improvement through JetPeel ™ – “Jet your skin” hydroporation and the potential returns of our growing system are representably high.

We do not overwhelm our partners with high fees or system costs. Our system is transparent, fair and lucrative. Not least because the franchisor himself also maintains its own branches and new concepts are coordinated for all partners before they are introduced for the overall system in terms of economic efficiency and fair conditions. We win through the success of our satisfied franchisees. We communicate transparently and comprehensibly.

You invest in a JetPeel ™ – “Jet your skin” concept store with a tried and tested business model, perfectly tailored to your wishes in terms of investment, location and dimensions.

You don’t need to do anything at first, because Landsberg will do everything for you after signing the contract until the completion of your own concept store.

In the meantime, you or your trusted practitioners can be trained to perfection in the in-house Landsberg MedWiss Academy.
We also train you in our “keys of success”.

After completing your JetPeel ™ – “Jet your skin” concept store, you take the helm and start your own business, safe and equipped with all modern applications for predictable success.

The costs for your ready-to-move-in location vary depending on the equipment, place, location and size of your institute. We would be glad to advise you in detail on all questions.

In the financing plan, we include start-up costs until the planned break-even point. There are locations that are already profitable in the first month of opening. However, we are conservatively expecting the target of reaching profitability in the first four to six months. Running costs are also calculated according to the place, location and size of the institute. System fees vary depending on the use of the system services by the franchise partner, their previous knowledge and their targets.

The Landsberg / JetPeel™ Jet your skin franchise system for managers, power couples and entrepreneurs – whether as a career changer or with entrepreneurial experience, with Landsberg you can realize the dream of your professional independence.

From our point of view, these reasons can save you from failure:

You are not resistant to advice if the franchisor gives you valuable tips.
Demonstrate-explain-do-practice: You are ready to study Landsberg’s documents.
Even with management experience, you can be shown how employees and teams are managed at Landsberg.
You always try to communicate honestly and authentically with headquarters.
You act in a service and customer-oriented manner.
In the first business year or longer, you go 100 percent the way from Landsberg – without deviation.
You do not go it alone outside of the franchise experience without prior consultation, in order not to waste unnecessary money.

A career as an entrepreneur at Landsberg makes sense …

when you are ready to take entrepreneurial risks.
if you are not just looking for a capital investment, but are willing to personally take care of your location, your employees and your customers.
if you believe that it is not enough to join the successful JetPeel™ Landsberg brand without your motivation, entrepreneurial thinking and acting being required.

Of our more than 1,500 JetPeel™ customers, there is none who uses JetPeel™ as a “monobrand” or works exclusively with JetPeel™JetPeel™ is often operated as one of many other technical specialties in medical practices, cosmetic studios, hotels or spas and advertised in the most varied of ways and with varying degrees of success.

We at Landsberg believe that JetPeel™ Jet your skin can be even more successful and have learned that you can only be really strong when you work together.
In the long run, lone fighters do not have the punch that is needed in today’s business world.
We dream of following a common business path with our good customers, following the example of a world-famous burger restaurant chain.

If a JetPeel™ Jet your skin concept store from north to south and from east to west is exactly the same in terms of design, offer, treatment price, quality and performance, then we come very close to perfection and ultimate success .

Especially in the first 6 months of the corona crisis, the political decisions made as a result and the associated consequences for our customers’ business, our thinking was confirmed.
If you stick together and have innovative ideas, you are stronger!
Enter into a partnership with us!

Nobody will poach existing treatment customers from you!

In addition, you do not have to worry about your existing JetPeel™ Jet your skin sales, because every JetPeel™ Concept Store makes the advertising you need for your JetPeel™ Jet your skin business.

We would be happy to include you in the franchise concept if you are ready to follow the basic rules of broad-based success.
It would even make sense if you installed a JetPeel™ Jet your skin concept store next to your main business. Then your businesses could fertilize each other with the great success of JetPeel™.

Feel free to contact us.
We have developed a highly complex computer system which includes all factors such as institute rent, location, m², number of JetPeel ™ Jet your skin, costs.
We are glad to help!
You will be amazed at the high income opportunities!

The central website will be
All treatment customers will feel comfortable and will find their way to your institute.
All JetPeel™ franchise concept stores and all other certified JetPeel™ institutes are listed there.

There is already enormous traffic on this site today.
As you know, JetPeel™ has become standard in leading 5 star hotels. Every vacation comes to an end and after a short time the hotel guest will enter the keyword “JetPeel” in the Google search window if he no longer has his hotel information.
Try it out for yourself: Type “JetPeel” from anywhere in the world into the Google search window.
1st place –
2nd place – depending on where

All Landsberg Concept Franchise Stores receive global medical care.
The doctor responsible for medical questions is:

Dr. Hans Ulrich Jabs
Doctor for internal medicine
BiochemistOf course, it is very business-minded to sell your JetPeel™ treatment customers care products, skin protection, perfume etc. after the treatment.
A “shop-in-shop” system is possible.
However, we would like to point out that only Landsberg certified products can be sold in a Landsberg Concept Store.
There is no exception here.
The “menu” is the same everywhere in our system.

Of course, it is very business-minded to sell your JetPeel™ treatment customers care products, skin protection, perfume etc. after the treatment.
A “shop-in-shop” system is possible.
However, we would like to point out that only Landsberg certified products can be sold in a Landsberg Concept Store.
There is no exception here.
The “menu” is the same everywhere in our system.

Landsberg is the franchise system for women, men and couples who already have business experience or want to become new entrepreneurs. The Landsberg MedWissAcademy with training courses on all entrepreneurial matters makes lateral entry possible at Landsberg.
The ideal practitioner are people who are very familiar with the human body and especially with the skin (certified beauticians, alternative practitioners, doctors).

A note for investors:
We would be glad to provide you with the necessary specialists for the treatment.

You make a meaningful contribution when our visions shape the whole aesthetics business anew. Your creative freedom is as great as your responsibility. If you prefer to define the playing field instead of endlessly discussing rules, then you are right with us.

You will meet motivated people like you who achieve the extraordinary through strong cohesion. Your commitment is seen and rewarded. You are challenged anew every day and are continuously encouraged. They prefer to share strengths with others than to exclude themselves through undivided ambition.

You are part of a unique success story when your work results in outstanding projects. Your assertiveness paired with our resources turn visions into plans and plans into a lucrative, secure business or personal empire. You are a good fit for us if you would rather leave your personal signature than ask about regulations. We help you to succeed!

You have the highest and best education there is in aesthetics.
Of course, this also has side effects and contraindications in business terms, because business activities such as the sale of cosmetic products in your practice are not permitted in Germany. (Anti-Corruption Act, Equal Opportunities Act)

Of course there are legally secure solutions for this situation.

In order to be able to sell cosmetic products commercially, with the meaning of the german law “§ 3 Abs. 2 MBOÄ” of a strict and complete separation in terms of time, organizational, economic and legal aspects from medical practice (BGH judgment of May 29, 2008 – I ZR 75/05). In any case, a separate company would have to be set up, for example in the form of a cosmetic institute, which would then also have to be registered as a separate business. The patient must be able to see at all times whether he is in a doctor’s practice or a commercial provider. In this regard, it should be noted in particular that the cosmetics trade does not take place during consultation hours. It depends on the individual case whether this is sufficient to guarantee a strict separation. In order to avoid a risk of violation, it is advisable to spatially separate the cosmetic trade from the medical practice.

Do you have very strenuous days in your medical work, do not want to deal with topics that you have not studied, but would still like to sell cosmetics in accordance with your therapy plan?

Let’s do the work!
How about a second entrepreneurial pillar?
As a doctor, you can of course become part of our franchise system. We would be happy to accompany you and would be happy to prepare a professional, legally secure plan for your special situation.
We are well represented by lawyers and look forward to doing legally compliant business with you!

We offer you the prospect of impressive profits with a secure, 100% functioning business model.
Do you have big plans or do you want to realize a test object first?
Whatever it is, you are at the right place at Landsberg First Class Aesthetic!
We offer you a platform and an entrance so that you feel comfortable.
Landsberg can be small, medium but also big!

Any concept store size is possible.
Be it 80 m² or 500 m².
According to your preference / project.

Do you want security?
Would you like a strong partnership?
We look forward to you!