What is a concept store?

The term “concept store” mostly refers to a store concept with an unusual and also high-quality combination of product ranges and brands. Concept stores represent a modern, innovative view of eventful stays and special customer loyalty. Your visit to a Landsberg concept store also promises this.

What is the difference to a JetPeel™ institute?

Due to the worldwide success of JetPeel™ there are now thousands of users who offer JetPeel™ treatments. Most of them do this in a trained manner and with original active ingredients that have been elaborately developed and whose effectiveness has been proven by independent studies. In Germany, the JetPeel™ institutes are certified through training courses at the Landsberg MedWiss Academy. You can find these listed in the JetPeel™ Institute Finder at


Every Landsberg “JETPEEL™ Jet your skin” concept store is also trained in the special JetPeel™ techniques by the MedWiss Academy trainers. The difference to a JetPeel™ institute is that the “JETPEEL™ Jet your skin” concept stores have specialized entirely in treatment with the JetPeel™. So you will always experience the JetPeel™ applications with the latest methods and the latest devices of consistently highest standards according to lege artis*. And that in every concept store at the same price and the first class standards that we have of ourselves and that you expect from us in order to achieve the maximum result for you.


As an absolute highlight, you can purchase scientifically developed aesthetic products from skinbetter science® from the USA in every “JETPEEL™ Jet your skin” concept store. In addition to the Landsberg Concept Stores, these are only available from certified dermatologists. You can also experience professional peeling with skinbetter science® in every “JETPEEL™ Jet your skin” concept store.

Interested yourself?

Are you interested in opening a Landsberg Concept Store yourself? You can already find the first information on our franchise page. And if you would like to find out more about the offers, brands and products from Landsberg First Class Aesthetic, take a look at our homepage at

* Lege artis (“according to the rules of art”, from Latin lex, legis, “law” and Latin ars, artis, “art”; English state of the art) is the legal principle in liability law, according to which a contractual obligation to perform according to the state of science, the recognized rules of technology, social norms or legal norms, as well as using physical and mental abilities, skills and knowledge. Source: