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New JetPro ™ inspires customers

New JetPro ™ inspires customers

The industry is excited about the new JetPro ™. Because as everyone can imagine, both the technology and the application are subject to a constant development process. The innovations, including the reduced volume and the increased performance of the device, are so serious that even new JetPeel ™ devices are exchanged for the JetPro ™ or the JetPro ™ is purchased as a second device. In Vienna, a JetPro ™ of the latest generation has now been delivered to the certified JetPeel ™ Institute “Art of Cosmetic”. Just like two new JetPro ™ in Dr. med. Susann Steinkraus. You can also find all certified JetPeel ™ institutes in the JetPeel ™ institute finder at The 2010-2019 JetPeel ™ has nothing to do with what the new 2020 JetPro ™ can do. The technology has developed dramatically in terms of volume, performance (even under constant load) and treatment safety. The Landsberg technicians are of course up to date with the latest level of education when it comes to JetPeel ™ technology.

Here are the top differences:

  • purest, most perfect jet
  • best treatment results
  • Sensationally quiet (in-house isolation)
  • Special paint (sound-absorbing)
  • New compressor
  • New main unit (faster response)
  • 100% 200m / sec the same pressure with every JetPeel handpiece
  • Internal filter system for clean air.
  • Smooth running castors
  • Top 3D charcoal metal design

Find out more about the differences between JetPeel ™ and JetPro ™ in our news “JetPeel – then and now” at

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