University study-based for your skin

The most modern, most effective, and most contemporary beauty treatment for our skin today – is neither a trend nor a fad. It is the monopoly peculiarity to achieve reproducible, incredibly beautiful treatment results without side effects.


JetPeel ™ – JetYourSkin, developed for space travel, can do just that and turn your “clock back many years”.

JetPeel ™ makes the impossible come true, JetPeel ™ spends certified, highly active original active sera

in an intelligent way down to the depths of the skin and generates there due to the patented JetPeel ™ hydroporation technology

an unprecedented rejuvenation process.

Discover now: "JetPeel™ JetYourSkin" and the advantages of a "Landsberg Concept-Store ™"!

Despite the rapidly advancing digitization and flexibility, people will remain an essential part of tomorrow’s professional life. Loving, competent aesthetic treatments cannot be done by machines alone.
However, the world of work is changing. Nowadays, work is more networked, more creative, more digital and more complex. Topics such as digital transformation, work-life balance and work 4.0 are omnipresent.
But what does the workplace of the future look like? What are the requirements of tomorrow’s world of work? Lone fighters will have an increasingly difficult time in the future.

What use is the best idea if the implementation is wrong?

What good is the best implementation if the

Lack of perception?

What use is the best perception if there is no customer interest?

What good is the greatest customer interest if it generates disinterest?

Landsberg puts your company on the road to success!

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